One of my first posts on my blog was on all of my holy grail skincare products for oily/acne prone skin- in that post I have a short section mentioning a few of my favorite spot treatments for when my skin decides to act up (especially around that time of the month!). Since that was a small blurb on spot treatments, I wanted to dedicate this blog post to my top three spot treatment for acne/pimples/cystic acne.

Just to remind everyone, I have very oily/acne prone skin. I had acne when I was in middle school, all the way through high school. My skin started to clear up when I started college, but every now and then I will still get those stubborn pimples/cystic acne that will appear during the worst time possible. With the cystic acne spots, I will literally feel it start erupting deep under my skin... and before it decides to fully appear on my face I try to quickly find the best spot treatment for it. Over the past 10+ years, I've gone through so many different spot treatments from drugstore to high-end. Below are my top three spot treatments for those stubborn blemishes. I PROMISE that these are my holy grail, cannot live without, spot treatments.

1. Origins Super Spot Remover ($15.50 on Sephora.com)

This is a clear salicylic gel that I would use to put on any pimples/blemishes that have already erupted on my skin. I usually use this product twice a day, (once in the AM and PM) but beware that overuse of this product can cause your skin to flake, and trust me that flaky skin is not cute (and super annoying when you're trying to put concealer on).

2. Mario Badescu Buffering Lotion ($19.00 on Ulta.com)

I absolutely LOVE this buffering lotion especially for my cystic acne breakouts. This product is designed specifically to target those large, deep, and painful cystic acne breakouts. When I feel a cystic breakout deep beneath my skin, I quickly apply this product onto the breakout and literally the size and swelling of the breakout is significantly reduced the next day. 

3. Mario Badescu Drying Lotion ($17.00 on Nordstrom.com)

This product was the first acne spot treatment products that I really fell in love with. At the time, I had tried so many spot treatment products, but no product really helped to relieve my acne/pimples. This product helps to really dry out your blemishes. You basically dip a q-tip into the pink sediment at the bottom (DO NOT SHAKE THE BOTTLE!!!!!) and then dot it onto the blemishes you want to dry up. Leave the product on overnight (and yes you might look a little silly with all those pink dots around your face, but trust me its worth it!). When you wake up the next morning, that pesky blemish will be significantly smaller!

I hope you guys found this post helpful! I know it's so difficult to treat those difficult acne/cystic acne spots. I've gone through quite the skincare journey and found that these three spot treatments are the best treatments out there for helping to reduce the size and swelling of those acne spots. Please leave a comment below if you found this helpful!

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