Best Mascara for Short Asian Lashes? Physician's Formula Instant Extensions Kit REVIEW

Welcome back to my blog! Today I've got another review for you!

I will be reviewing possibly the solution to end short asian lashes... Physician's Formula Instant Extensions Kit.

On the Physician's Formula's website, it states that

"100% saw the most dramatic lash effect ever experienced with a mascara. 100% saw thicker, fuller, longer, more dramatic looking lashes after 3 weeks. 24 hour wear. Brush on lash extensions in 2 minutes."

Well after reading that statement, who wouldn't want thicker, fuller, longer, and MORE dramatic lashes?

Unfortunately I was born with short and sparse asian lashes :( Any mascara that claims to give me thicker and longer lashes will always have my attention. After reading about this mascara online, I didn't hesitate and rushed to my local Rite Aid to purchase the product. This mascara retails for $14.95, which is pricey considering it is a drugstore makeup item. I was a little hesitant to spend the $15 but I was willing to take the risk so I could see for myself how this "extensions in a tube" actually worked.

Once I got home, I quickly ripped open the packaging and went right to work with the mascara. After using the product for a few weeks, I decided it was time to give a review and impression of this "life changing" mascara.

The extensions kit comes with two tubes- one tube that contains the actual mascara while the other tube has tiny brush on extension fibers (WARNING: when opening the fibers tube, be gentle!!! if you open the tube up too aggressively, all the tiny fibers will go flying all over the place!!)

The directions say to apply a coat of the wet mascara, then apply the brush on fibers, then apply another coat of the mascara. When applying the fibers, make sure you tap off any excess fibers prior to applying (this can help minimize the amount of fiber fallout you'll get on your face...). You can apply another coat of the fiber extensions to get fuller and longer lashes. Anything after two coats can cause your eyelashes to get extremely clumpy.

the mascara

fiber extensions

Me without any mascara (yes I know my lashes look so sad and non-existent)

After putting on two coats of the fiber extensions... look at all that fall out!!!! YUCK

After brushing away all the fallout... ahhh much better!

Now my thoughts on this mascara...

I tried really hard to like this mascara- that's why I gave it a few weeks before writing this review. This mascara does give me longer, fuller looking lashes but the one thing that REALLY bothers me about this mascara is the amount of fallout that ends up all over my face and eyelids... it is extremely irritating. Even after brushing off all the fallout, I still have a hard time getting off all the stubborn fibers off of my eyelids and around my nose area (especially when you have your face and eye makeup completed). The fallout is the main reason as to why I would never re-purchase this item and why this item is not worth the steep $15. Also all that fallout gets into my eyes and it really hurts :(

Overall I don't regret purchasing this mascara because I really wanted to try it out and see what its all about. I will still continue to play around with this mascara until I use it up because I do like how this mascara makes my eyelashes look. In the future I may apply the mascara prior to my face makeup to avoid the difficulty of removing all the fallout off my skin.

You can also watch my youtube video on this mascara below! Thanks so much for reading this and I hope this helps!

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