Best BB Cream for Oily Skin: Tarte BB Cream

I am back for another review: the Tarte BB Cream

I've been hunting for the perfect BB cream that would suit my extremely oily skin. I've tried almost every BB cream out there- from drugstore to high-end BB creams. Every single BB cream I've tried has made my skin super oily (even though BB creams are supposed to be lightweight!) within a matter of 2 hours (yikes!). I really wanted to find the perfect BB cream because I wanted something for my face that I could wear everyday and that would give me some sort of coverage without feeling like I'm caking on heavy foundation. While I was walking through Sephora, I noticed their BB cream display- which included all of the different BB creams they sold. One in particular caught my eye, which is the Tarte BB Cream because it contains a built-in 12 hour primer as well as 30 SPF... that's like a miracle in a bottle! I instantly purchased it without any hesitation. So far I am loving this BB cream- no complaints!

I was just on the Sephora website (mind you that I purchased this BB cream about a month ago), and I saw that Tarte has come out with a new color: medium/tan; so now this BB cream comes in a total of five different shades, which is great!

Below is a thorough review and demo on the Tarte BB Cream
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  1. i don't know I've had this product and i didn't care for it, i have dry skin and i just felt like the product slide around on my face if i used it on its own or attempted to set it with powder, it was alright as a primer i personally would not by it again but if it works for you that's great. Skin transformer tinted moisturizer is doing great things for me though. crazy how things work differently on people

    1. Yes I definitely would not recommend this product for those with dry skin... I have really oily skin so it's definitely the best BB cream I've tried!



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