Foreo LUNA Mini vs. Clarisonic

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I know it's been a while since I've last posted... but I just wanted to provide a quick review on a new skincare item that I have been loving recently... describes this as "A facial brush that channels T-Sonic™ pulsations through soft silicone touch-points for deep and gentle cleansing." 

This device retails for $139.99 on (please click link above!)

The Foreo has a frontside which includes smaller, thinner "bumpy" touch-points that is meant for sensitive and dry skin while the backside has larger touch-points that is meant for those with oilier skin. The larger touch-points help to give your skin a deeper clean.

Now you must be wondering how to exactly use this interesting device... First apply your choice of cleanser onto your face; then turn on the device (using the little power button located on the front-side), you'll feel the gentle vibrations; hold it against your skin and start moving it in tiny circles- it will feel a little awkward to hold when you first start using it (especially since I was so used to my Clarisonic). The Foreo won't create a lather from your cleanser BUT after you use the device and rinse your face off, you'll feel that your face is squeaky clean!

After using this for the first time, I noticed that my face felt a lot softer, smoother, and my blackheads had cleared up! I highly recommend this device because A) you don't need to buy replacement brush heads... THUS YOU SAVE $$$$; B) it is small, lightweight, and easy to travel with; C) since this is completely made of silicone, it does not trap bacteria; and lastly D) you don't need to charge it often! I bought this right before the holidays- so it's been about a month and I still haven't needed to charge the little guy yet! its amazing.

Before the Foreo, I'd been using the Clarisonic Mia, which lasted me about two years. Without a doubt I loved my Clarisonic because it really helped to clear up my acne, fade some of my acne scars, as well as prevent new pimples. The Clarisonic provided a nice deep clean for my skin. Unfortunately I wasn't able to use my Clarisonic twice a day- it was too aggressive. Another thing I didn't like about the Clarisonic was the fact that you HAD to buy replacement brush heads every three months... and those were not cheap. My Clarisonic was slowly dying because it really wasn't holding a charge well- I ended up charging the darn thing about every two days... eventually it gave up and died :(

All in all, if I had to pick one, I'd definitely invest in the Foreo LUNA Mini!!

Hope this quick review was helpful



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