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I recently placed an order for Michelle Phan's new cosmetic line .em because she was having a promotional discount of 40% off your entire order as a holiday special. Below you can find a link to purchase her cosmetic line:


I ended up purchased two of her lipsticks (which I will be reviewing) as well as her arched defining brow liner and the great cover up ultimate concealer.

Cost of each lipstick: $16.50 (USD)

Above are the two lipsticks I purchased. I purchased one lipstick that is a creamy color matte lipstick called cuddling; the other lipstick I purchased is a creamy color sheer lipstick called one true kiss. Some people complain about the packaging to her cosmetic line- I personally think her packaging is alright. I'm not a big fan of the white packaging. It does not remind me of what high-end make up should look like. Each lipstick bullet has some weight to it; it feels heavy enough so the packaging itself is high-quality.

The lipstick in the image above is from her creamy color sheer lipstick collection. I purchased the color called one true love. The color is a pretty nude-y pink (more on the light pink side rather than nude side). The swatch on the website is true to color- I think it looks exactly the same as the color in the tube. This color is perfect for any skin tone. Because of the name of the lipstick, you might think a sheer lipstick won't have much color pay-off... that's incorrect because you get amazing color pay-off with this lipstick despite it's name. This lipstick goes on very smooth and it feels creamy and moisturizing in texture. It does not dry out your lips at all. The wear time of this lipstick is about the same as MAC lipsticks. I would highly recommend purchasing this lipstick because it is a perfect everyday lipstick if you want a hint of color on your lips that is natural isn't too overbearing!

The other lipstick I purchased is from her creamy color matte lipstick line; I purchased the color cuddling (image above). Before purchasing this color, I read many reviews about the lipstick and many recommended this color- therefore I purchased this color because the swatch on the website made the lipstick look like a pretty light pink/nude color. Unfortunately when this lipstick arrived in the mail, the color did not look anything like the swatches on the website; I was very disappointed. The color is a lot darker than the swatch online; it is also more of a true pink rather than a nude/pink color. The pink has blue undertones which does not look good against my golden/yellow complexion. I really don't like pink lipsticks with blue undertones on me... it just doesn't match too well. Besides the fact that I was disappointed with the color... I tried on the lipstick anyway and I absolutely love the feel and texture of it. With matte lipsticks, they tend to usually dry your lips out, leaving them feeling flaky and cracked. With Michelle Phan's matte lipstick line, they do not dry your lips out at all and yet they still give you that nice matte look. Her matte lipsticks go on so velvety, creamy, and smooth- they leave your lips feeling hydrated rather than parched. In the future I would love to try some of the bolder colors that are offered in her matte lipstick line. When comparing her matte lipsticks to MAC's matte lipsticks, by far em cosmetic's matte lipstick line beats out MAC's matte lipsticks ONLY because they feel so much more hydrating and velvety!!

Above are the two lipsticks standing side by side so you can get a good comparison of the two colors (left side is one true kiss; right side is cuddling). As you can see one true kiss is definitely more of a nude-y pink than cuddling. I would say cuddling is definitely a true pink with blue undertones while one true kiss has a pretty nude/light pink combination.

Of course I couldn't finish this blogpost without swatches :)

On the left side, I've swatched "cuddling" (matte lipstick)
On the right side, I've swatched "one true kiss" (sheer lipstick)

As you can see the color pay-off is great (even against my tan complexion!)

Michelle Phan, you've done a great job with your lipsticks and I will be purchasing more colors from your line in the future :)

I would recommend everyone to try out her lipstick line :)

Let me know if you'd like me to write a review on Michelle Phan's Great Cover Up Concealer as well as her new Arch Defining Brow Pencil in the comments below!!

On a side note- I just started this blog... please excuse the half-finished template on my blog page... still working out the little kinks in setting my blog up!

*Disclaimer: I've purchased all of these products with my own money*


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