the great cover up concealer (em cosmetics): review

I hope everyone had a great christmas- can you believe that new years is right around the corner? I've been trying to find a new nail salon to get a mani/pedi at nearby my house (my nails are horrendous right now...)

Enough with the rambling- Over the holiday break, I decided to start a youtube channel (which I'll link below) and filmed my first video! eeee... so exciting :)... The video I filmed is a review video on the great cover up concealer from Michelle Phan's em cosmetic line.

This video provides a thorough review of my thoughts about the concealer as well as a demonstration to show you guys how the concealer looks when applied on my face!

Besides watching the video, I thought you'd enjoy a written review as well... So here are my thoughts:

This concealer retails for $19 on her website (

It is supposed to be super blend-able, long-wearing, and "conceal any pesky blemish" (who doesn't want a concealer like that?)

This concealer comes in eight different shades (almost a shade for every complexion... though I don't know if there is a perfect shade for those with a very deep complexion). One of the eight shades is called "the neutralizer," which is supposed to "neutralize" dark circles under your eyes. I purchased my concealer in the shade light warm

As you can see, the concealer comes in a squeeze-tube with a plastic doe-foot applicator tip; with the squeeze-doe-foot applicator tip, it allows you to have more control over how much product you want to you... and honestly a little goes a long way... and I really do mean A LITTLE GOES A LONG WAY. This concealer is very velvety and thick in texture- yet it applies so smoothly and blends so easily. I really like to use my ring finger when applying this concealer because the warmth from my fingers really help to melt this concealer into my skin.

This concealer really helps to conceal the dark circles under my eyes as well as brighten my under eye area! The whole point of having an under eye concealer is for it to brighten, not darken! This concealer does just that! Throughout an 8-hour work day, this concealer wears extremely well; it does not crease under my eyes at all and I don't notice the concealer settling into the fine lines under my eyes- thus I do not need to keep constantly blending/powdering throughout the day.

Overall I do think this concealer is worth the $19 and its one of the better high-end concealers I've used. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who has a hard time with creasing when using an under eye concealer or for someone who just wants to try a product from Michelle Phan's cosmetic line! Its a great investment and I think I'll be using this concealer for a long time.

Above is a picture of me wearing the concealer under my eyes- as you can see it definitely brightens and conceals! (no filters were used on this photo- only natural lighting)

I hope you enjoyed this review and my first youtube video! If you like my video- please subscribe because a new video will be coming up shortly!



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